If you haven’t heard the term “spluff” yet…you will.

When Upstream was tasked with creating a multi-faceted campaign for our friends at Comfort Zone, we went above and beyond to bring a unique kind of innovation to life – and people are responding to it.

Instead of stopping at personas, style guides, and the other basics of any well-rounded brand toolkit, we took it a step further with #spluff. We invented a term that captured the heart of the Comfort Zone mission – celebrating calm, happy pets – and used that as a key positioning element. 

Now CZ has an ownable hash tag to share out on social, the Internet has a new adorable craze to play with, and Upstream has a happy client. That’s a win in our book.

Under New Management

Exciting news at Upstream 360! Mike Thomas has acquired ownership and assumed CEO responsibilities from Neal Morris, who founded our company 19 years ago. For the past four years, Mike has served as Upstream 360’s Chief Innovation Officer and has been deeply involved with strategic direction of the business.
You may be wondering, “What’s going to change?” In the near term, mostly the name on the contracts.
Mike will continue to lead innovation and will now run operations, with a sharp focus on growth and ensuring clients get the best innovation thinking possible. The same team members you know and love are still working on your business. 
Neal will still be heavily involved with strategic creative, directing and client relationships. Neal’s experience and product knowledge – huge assets for Upstream 360 clients – aren’t going anywhere.
Looking beyond the horizon, Upstream 360 will continue to innovate, just as our clients do. 
Since Upstream 360 was launched, our capabilities have greatly expanded to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients. In addition to maintaining world-class production capabilities – the original foundation of our business – we now help some of the world’s most iconic brands with innovation strategy, new product launches and benefit communication / visualization.
Most recently we’ve created new ways to partner with clients to create compelling benefits and key visuals faster … even in a socially distant environment. 
If you’d like to discuss Upstream 360’s innovation capabilities or any of the exciting changes that are taking place, please contact Mike Thomas at MT@upstream360.com.