The Challenge: To visualize Febreze’s unique (yet invisible) benefit of odor elimination in an intuitive, appealing, and succinct way, using live video of their technology in action. Transform the belief that “Air Care products can’t truly clean the air” into “Febreze is the only Air Care product that cleans odors away”.


An InnovisionTM Session was held with our creatives, illustrators, and technologists, to inspire insightful concepts, compelling benefits, and intuitive technology stories. Over 100 unique ideas filled the air of our Think Tank and the leads progressed into additional concept development.


Upstream 360 designers utilized artistic and technical expertise to dive deep into the fabrics of a couch and to visualize layers of odor molecules and their elimination.


Utilizing an odor-tracking dye, a high-speed phantom camera, and some production ingenuity, a LIVE ACTION demonstration of odor elimination (Not a dramatized animation!) successfully made the invisible… visible.


In post production, the magic of a single drop collision was multiplied and color corrected to fully deliver the effect of the Febreze product successfully cleaning the air.


Partnering with the advertising agency, both the product demonstration as well as creative elements from the initial brainstorming (the “odor-full” couch, the big dog, etc.) came together in the final TV spot!

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