Promises. Promises.

Welcome to February, and the cooling ashes of New Years Resolutions that often go along with it.

I recently overheard someone say “Why set a goal for yourself when you can make a promise, instead?”

This is kind of a kissin’-cousin to the old bromide: “Goals are particulars, but promises are proclamations.”

When you consider your co-workers and client-partners, don’t you think goals more often come across as a little “squishy,” when compared to promises? Or at least “goals” can be more ambiguous with a built-in trap door to escape accountability.

I think that’s why the best leaders don’t just say “Trust me” . . . instead, they say “I will earn your trust through my actions. Just watch!”

The best “Workplace Families” make promises to each other and challenge themselves to keep them, or even exceed them.

What’s better than over-delivering – whether it’s a promise or a weather forecast? And what’s worse than under-delivering on either one?

Yes, with so much to do and so little time to get it done, conflicts can arise and tough decisions have to be made. I suppose that’s why you can lose as much hair as you lose sleep, in any given week!

But when we exceed what was promised for our clients, they become raving fans! And they, in turn become our Marketing Department, by talking us up on Social Media, in the hallways, and around the water cooler.

Have you ever been so loyal that you would drive out of your way or spend extra time in line because that particular place always makes good on their promises? I’ve seen you patiently waiting at the Genius Bar . . . those places you return to over and over again, while telling everyone else all the reasons why they should go there, too.

As long as you’re not the commercial that is better than the actual experience, you’re fine.

Reminds me of the time I took my wife to an over-hyped restaurant for a special occasion, and as I was leaving, the Hostess asked: “How was your meal?” And I said: “My compliments to the menu photographer!”

Let’s all agree to do what we can to ensure that the “meals” we’re serving up, match (or exceed!) the beauty of the photography.

Just think of it as the secret to turning your bouillabaisse into your fan base.

Food for thought. And that’s a promise.

Bon appetit!