The Resolution Will Not Be Televised.

I begin the year with an apology.

Gil Scott-Heron famously wrote in a 1970 poem that the revolution will not be televised, and here I am shamelessly paraphrasing him to make a point about resolutions.

Did anyone really think I could go 365 days without making a pun?

But Scott-Heron also wrote about looking for a brighter day, so let’s do that, by all means.

Our resolutions for Upstream in 2018 include thinking even more about how we can evolve media to reduce commoditization and continue to produce content that increases engagement and value for users.

With our video expertise, we hope to see even greater innovation on both the story telling and technical side this year.

We welcome better transparency and deeper insights about consumers and customers. Those are always helpful!

At the core of every resolution is the building of trust and meaningful relationships. Because it is ultimately people and not machines that make for successful initiatives and brand building. Yes please, more of that.

And finally, (as is my wish every year), can we all resolve together to refuse creative ideas that involve talking babies and/or animals? Just carefully place them in the file folder marked “1989.”

Naturally, we begin the New Year committed to creating solutions that amaze our Clients, while pursuing social good along the way. And that of course, requires partnership.

So, while our resolutions will not be televised, there is a strong possibility that they will be crowd-funded.