The Years Are Short

Over the past six months, my wife and I went through the daunting process of selling our home while raising two young boys. We have a 1-year-old who loves throwing anything he can get his hands on (often at his older brother), and a 6-year-old who plays five minutes with a toy before moving on to the next one. 

Of course, this led to many nights of counting the minutes until bedtime just to get the opportunity to make sure the house was presentable for potential showings the next day.  Enjoying the moment was replaced with an exhausted exhale once the boys were down for the night.  

During that stressful summer stretch, I happened across a saying that described the situation perfectly:

The days are long, but the years are short.

While those long days were seemingly crawling by, my wife and I celebrated our 9thwedding anniversary, our sons’ first and sixth birthdays, and a full ten years of living in our first home together…not to mention my 3rdyear anniversary of working at Upstream 360. 

On each of those occasions, my wife and I would reflect on how far we’ve come – and wefound ourselves saying “there’s no way it’s been that long!” Each of those painstakingly slow days somehow added up to a total whirlwind of a decade. Only the happy endings seemed to matter; we eventually sold the house, and the boys are still alive and well (with only a few minor bumps and bruises to show for their troubles).

I’m doing my best to remind myself of this phrase when we get extremely busy here at Upstream.  For example, a commercial we produced popped up recently on my cell phone as YouTube pre-roll.  It had been well over a year since we shot and edited the spot. I was eager to bring it up to a few fellow Upstreamers who immediately reminded me about the tedious process we went through in order to get final approval.  

They weren’t wrong – while in the midst of post-production, this project seemed like an unending string of alts and revisions. Now, over a year later, I had completely forgotten about that repetitive sequence of events. The long days in the edit suite had given way to the short years of having an awesome finished product.

When it comes down to it, the impossibly long rough patches blur into background noise over time. The polished final results are all that remains in focus, whether it’s a fantastic new sizzle reel,or an adorable toddler with a big smile.